Tron Foundation has launched a new initiative, dubbed TronClass, which will work towards creating awareness about the Tron ecosystem. The initiative, which is a digital video-based workshop, was launched yesterday, and the first video has already been viewed over 29,000 times.

The TronClass workshop is designed by a team of Tron experts and each video will contain detailed info on each aspect of the Tron ecosystem, including tokens, dApps, innovative tech, new terminologies, etc. Each video will be designed to be short, precise, and to the point. The workshop will benefit new entrants of the ecosystem, while also giving detailed info to established investors.

Initiatives like these are need of the hour, given the rapidly growing retail investments in the segment. Creating awareness among novice investors will help them avoid Ponzi schemes and realize the true potential of decentralized currencies. Such workshops become even more important in the case of platforms and ecosystems as big as Tron.

Tron currently has more than 8 million registered users of dApps on its platform, more than any other platform, including giants like Ethereum. The number is expected to grow exponentially, especially after the launch of BitTorrent Speed, which will reportedly bring several million users on to the Tron blockchain. This makes it absolutely apt to have a series of easy-to-grasp info ready for the new users, who would appreciate if all the required info is available beforehand.