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Sylo Integrates Tezos to the Sylo Smart Wallet

In what is called a significant breakthrough, the International Software Development Company, Sylo, has officially integrated Tezos as wallet support to their multi-chain wallet-messenger decentralized application, the Sylo Smart Wallet. The paradigm decision to integrate Tezos is the outcome of the most recent elite coalition which the Newzealander Sylo has executed in terms of value addition taking its user base to exceed 250,000 encompassing more than 70 countries. 

With this move, Sylo aims to empower users for all Smart Wallet enabled transactions and address the previously unresolved issues with decentralized technologies faced by users. Another significant advantage with these technology-enabled integrations is that users need not restrict themselves to any specific node and switch to any other if required.

With the integration of Tezos, Sylo aims to redesign the backend architecture wherein the framework extends comprehensive support of decentralized apps like Sylo Smart Wallet and even the recently launched Oya with the incorporation of multiple functionalities in the entire system. It facilitates access to operate on Sylo as well as other nodes if required by users.

Assimilation of Tezos is not limited to a new horizon in Defi for cryptocurrencies alone, but Sylo has ensured it also expands to fiat, dApps, and many others, supported by the robust infrastructure of Tezos blockchain. As a unique feature, “Baking,” which acts as a catalyst in validating “blocks” in the Tezos blockchain, safeguards the network’s stability and security and is set to operate as a dedicated Tezos-enabled function by the end of this year.

It is apparent that surreal user-experience is the Top Priority for Sylo and underlines the company’s mission statement towards simplicity and straightforwardness of designing all Sylo Node elements, thereby democratizing access to communication and financial capabilities without sacrificing privacy, personal data, and user experience. 

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