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Steemit and TRON’s Join Venture Rolls out New Feature

A week ago, Steemit Inc. and TRON Foundation joined hands in partnership. Steemit is the largest decentralized blockchain-backed social media and blogging platform, whereas TRON, on the other hand, is one of the top blockchain-based decentralized platform and decentralized ecosystems. ON this partnership, Justin Sun (the founder of TRON, and CEO of BitTorrent) had following to say:

We are very excited to welcome Steemit into the TRON ecosystem. […] Together, we will usher in a new era of decentralized social networking.

The aim behind this partnership is to bring Steemit and other Steem blockchain-based DApps to TRON’s blockchain, products, services, and to the TRON community. Within seven days of the announcement of this partnership, the community has shown a great response over this move. In the same context, Justin Sun, the CEO of TRON, shared the following on his official Twitter handle:

The collaboration has already come up with an exciting update in which it has offered a decentralized blogging platform. The platform is supposed to transform the blogging space as it also utilizes Hivemind and MIRA. This will help it to deal with scalability issues.

Through this partnership, Steemit will bring about Steem blockchain-backed social media service much in line with Reddit. Steemit has an active community with more than 1 million users all over the world. The platform offers natively developed dApps which are very popular in the community. D. Tube, an alternative of YouTube, APPICS the alternative of Instagram, and Actifit the fitness sApp are some very good and popular examples of use-cases on the Steem blockchain.

The partnership between the two giants will only reap greater high-quality values for the users such as:

  • Revamping the old STEEM token to a new TRON based STEEM token
  • The existing TRX users will get giveaways with the new TRON based STEEM token
  • Accelerator program for the developer community

TRON has been an undeniable leader of the decentralized blockchain industry. With this partnership, we can only expect it to grow from one high to another. Reports reveal that TRON will now have more than 800 decentralized applications in its ecosystem.

Steemit being the catalyst where the forums can interact with cryptocurrency concepts, deal with its distribution in an easy way, is indeed a unique platform. This partnership has the potential to expose this platform to newer heights, as per the CEO, Chairman, and the Founder of Steemit- Ned Scott. He said:

Steemit is the original conception where forums meeting cryptocurrency was born — where cryptocurrency could be distributed as easily as ‘likes’ and ‘upvotes’ and that maybe this would bring adoption and appreciation to the currency. […]  From launching the platform in 2016 on a shoestring budget with an idealistic team to today, I have enjoyed the development of the platform and the growth of its user base — now I am excited to see a strategic partner attempt to bring it to new heights.

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