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Liquidity Mining Platform BonFi Achieved Security Audit

BonFi is a multilevel open finance liquidity mining platform complemented by AI-powered BonVest, a variegated liquidity pool that gives users liability to a basket of concealing crypto assets. BonFi uses AI technology to create incredible crypto investing returns using their top-notch tools, called BonVest, that improve the market and bring about a continual annual percentage yield. BonAI announces a proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that provides anticipative logic to improvise the market while remaining at the prominence of alteration. 

Besides, BonAI is part of BonVest and legitimizes its price anticipating and algorithmic trading activities. By combining big data with disenchanted data analytics, BonAI can make market information relevant. The BNF token is a governance token that serves as an entry piece of the BonFi ecosystem and provides extensive access to BonVest, unlocking the subsequent open finance with BNF.

In today’s virtual economies, software infrastructure makes possible the movement of money, exposing assets to potential slashes and attacks. After deploying decentralized systems, managing vulnerabilities and fixing them is cumbersome. Therefore, they have always made safety a top priority when disposing of smart contracts. They are continually discussing blockchain advancement, best practices, security, and design patterns during their expansion.

BNF is Ethereum’s ERC20 based token. Despite Ethereum’s new impetus with transactions throughout and gas tariffs, we still see Ethereum as a top manifesto in terms of safety and versatility. 

Their smart contract is based on an audited smart contract by blockchain security firm OpenZeppelin. It was established in 2015; today, it is a significant leader as it builds developer tools and performs security audits. 

To safeguard their users, they have determined to enlist a supplementary third-party security firm to authenticate their smart contract security. Therefore, they dwindle the risk of bugs and susceptibility, safeguard great user fund security, and provide greater clarity and faith to the community.

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