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Bitcoin Casinos in the US: A Brief Background

Do you have a stash of Bitcoin? Are gambling and sports betting your favorite pastimes? If so, then all that you need to do is check into a Bitcoin casino to have a gala time.

Bitcoin casinos are an online forum for gambling and sports betting that allows payment in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or fiat currencies. They have classic and contemporary games like slots and roulette but also offer sports betting, spread betting, and online lottery games. If you have a keen interest in Bitcoin gambling, then you are at the right place. Read on to know more about the legal status of Bitcoin casinos and drop in at one today.

The perks of playing at Bitcoin casinos

The number of players signing up for hybrid casinos is on the rise in the United States because of the following reasons:

  • The transactions taking place at Bitcoin casinos are fully anonymous owing to the decentralized nature of the Blockchain technology.
  • Bitcoin casinos generally shower players with competitive bonuses. As there is no involvement of intermediaries like centralized banks, the Bitcoin bonus gets directly credited to the player’s account.
  • It is possible to evade geo-location-based restrictions.

Are Bitcoin casinos legal or ‘under the microscope’?

In the United States, Bitcoin casinos are legal in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. Individuals are permitted to take part in gambling with or without the use of Bitcoin. It has been made mandatory that Bitcoin casinos need to be equipped with specialized geo-targeting software. The software ensures that the guests are residents of any of these three states.

However, it is expressly prohibited for the citizens of the US to partake in gambling activities. The residents of Washington usually resort to offshore Bitcoin casinos to enjoy gambling and sports betting. However, authorities have amped up security and manpower to track down the IP addresses of those who take part in illegal offshore gambling. Gambling is absolutely forbidden in Washington, and the Evergreen State officials take stern action against those who indulge in gambling and betting activities at offshore casinos.  

Are Bitcoin casinos legit in the US?

When it comes to assessing the legitimate status of Bitcoin casinos, it seems that Bitcoin gambling is neither legal nor illegal in the United States. The players only need to abide by the regulations laid out by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. However, the law does not mention anything explicitly about subjecting a player to legal prosecution for taking part in gambling and sports betting at Bitcoin casinos.  In fact, there have been no cases of appeal or charges for more than a decade since the enactment of the regulations. It is to be noted that the Act revolves around online exchanges and banks that process the transactions taking place at online Bitcoin casinos.  It is stipulated by the UIGEA that credit card companies and banking facilities do not have the permission to facilitate transactions that are associated with Bitcoin casinos. The enactment of the UIGEA drove several popular Bitcoin casino operators of the US like PokerStars and more out of business. From a legal perspective, it seems that the law has illegalized the use of the regulated governmental banking system for gambling transactions.

Expert players recommend a clever way that is described below to evade the law and enjoy gambling and sports betting at online Bitcoin casinos:

The most important thing to do is to hinder the tracking down of IP addresses. The online exchanges of the US make it mandatory for every customer to submit ID proof documents and scanned copies of utility bills for successful registration with the online exchange.  These documents of identity get linked with the transaction number whenever the registered user makes a purchase of Bitcoin at the exchange.  To skirt around the traceability, experts recommend the use of multiple middlemen wallets. The use of several intermediaries with the Bitcoin casino as the recipient helps in obtaining Bitcoin without the disclosure of one’s identity to the authority.

Wrapping up

Now that you are acquainted with Bitcoin casinos, it is time to go for a spin online. Shell out your Bitcoins and have fun at the top Bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin gambling does not have a stable legal environment in the US. It is, therefore, important to assess the legality of the online Bitcoin casino to make sure that the state laws do not prohibit gambling. If you are still into gambling, then quit worrying about the law and follow the experts’ advice of hindering the IP address tracker.  Roll out your Bitcoin stash at the top Bitcoin casinos of the US and have a grand time with gambling games and sports betting events. However, get more information about various bitcoin casinos with their rating so that you can choose one among them to earn huge rewards further.

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