Banxso Review – The Complete Guide To BANXSO

Overview of Online trading Platforms 

Trading has been carried on between individuals right from the days of the barter system. The style of trading has undergone changes over the years, adding several advanced features and advantages. In the barter system, goods and services were exchanged between two or more parties without the usage of money. Then after many stages, came currencies or money. Thereafter, currency has been the medium of exchange till now.

Trading is nothing but the exchange of goods and services between two or more people or entities. This forms the basis for all financial activities and economic societies. Traditional trading is associated with a spread-out distribution network that covers wholesalers, retailers, dealers, stockists, and distributors from actual creators to buyers. Trading started from this traditional approach and has now emerged as an online trading system.

Multiple trading platforms are in existence today. Companies have come forward with discount broking and many new ideas to give many benefits to their customers. When you are looking for an online trading platform, check out their hidden charges, if any, as such charges are imposed by some platforms. Now we go on to examine the Banxso trading platform in detail. 

What is Banxso? 

Online trading platforms have emerged with the advent of the internet, paving the way for a variety of investment opportunities. Banxso trading platform is an online portal where one can easily trade in a variety of market types. It caters to the needs of all individual traders with different trading experiences. It classifies the accounts in the portal so that you can choose the right one that caters to your financial needs. It ensures that customers are its topmost priority and thereby achieves objectivity. Equipped with complex algorithms and advanced tools and services, Banxso enables you to develop better investment ideas. With a huge variety of tradable assets, you can choose among the wide choice of products.

Apart from various trading assets, which we will discuss later, it offers other services like:

  1. Latest News: Up-to-date news articles make you aware of the financial progress in the world.
  2. Technical Analysis: Technical analysis enables you to have full control over your investments. AI-based trading helps you to pace ahead in the competition.
  3. Personal Trading Analyst: Your experience can be fully tailored by the personal trading analyst, making you rake in profits from trading.

Who can use the Banxso platform?

The good news is that anyone can access the Banxso platform. Banxso services are not available to people who are under 18 years of age or those who have not attained the legal age (minors). Additionally, it is not available to users in some regions. No matter your current knowledge about online trading, Banxso helps you to find exactly what you need. Banxso simplifies investment for its users. 

Is Banxso Regulated? 

Banxso is authorized and regulated by various jurisdictions. The company is authorized and regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) under the registration number 415244. It is authorized and regulated by the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) for all clients outside the European Union (EU) excluding residents of Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Cuba, Ghana, India, Iran, Israel, Mongolia, New Zealand, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Syria, United Kingdom, the United States, Yemen, and any other jurisdiction where the provision of its services or CFD trading is unauthorized or in contrast to applicable laws.

The credible regulatory umbrella of the company makes it a preferable choice. In addition to that, regulatory rules and regulations enable safety and security credentials.  

Advantages of Banxso 

  1. Variety of Investment Products: At Banxso, you can witness a wide range of investment products, including forex, stocks, indices, etc.
  2. Trial Trading: Banxso offers demo trading of investment for a trial period of three months on its platform. One can easily learn about the trading process and improve, thereby making much profit is possible. 
  3. Customer Support: The customer support and service are available round-the-clock for the client’s convenience.
  4. Track Performance: Customers can track the performance of various digital assets like bitcoin on Banxso to pick an asset of their choice for the process of transaction. 

Account Opening process of Banxso 

Banxso services are available for legal entities or individuals only when they establish legally binding contracts based on the law applicable in their area of residence. 

  • The company will ask you to provide certain identifying information as part of the account opening procedure. This will help them to identify and classify you according to the Client Classification Policy of the company. 
  • You should acknowledge your willingness in sharing your private information with the company as a part of the identification process.
  • If you are registering yourself as a legal entity, you need to declare that you have the authority to bind that entity to this particular agreement.

You also need to understand the Know Your Customer (KYC) process before entering into any account opening process. When it comes to financial institutions, the KYC process is considered to be more important to avoid theft, money laundering, and fraud activities. An account is closed immediately if any fraudulent activity is detected. Banxso may require details which may include name, identification number, e-mail address, postal address, and much more. During the verification process, it may ask for proof of address. Once your account is created, you may use your Log-in to access your account and registration details. In addition to KYC policy, they have an Anti-Money Laundering policy and counter-terrorism financing policies. 

You can scan your documents and send them through email to, or even take a high-quality digital camera picture and send it in the form of .jpegs. 

Trading with Banxso 

It is possible to trade over 8,000 assets conveniently with Banxso’s technologically advanced platform. With thousands of markets to trade, you can focus on both long-term and short-term investment in your style. Cutting-edge solutions enable you to access smart trading tools, real-time technical analysis, etc.

Trading platforms under Banxso 

A variety of trading platforms with diverse backgrounds is offered from Banxso X and Mobile. Each of them boasts unique features and additional profits. Both have distinctive characteristics and working patterns. 

  – Mobile Platform

You can start trading via iOS or Android even without the use of a desktop. The Banxso mobile platform offers analytical resources and supports the full set of trading options with ease. You can have your trading information and trading-related function at your fingertips, no matter your location.

  – MT5 

A multi-asset platform that is equipped for a flexible trading experience. This all-in-one multi-asset trading platform covers both centralized and non-centralized assets as a whole. Each platform offers unique features that can be considered as an additional benefit to your trading ideas. Multilingual interface and algorithmic trading are the two main advantages of MT5.

Which assets are available on Banxso?

The tradable assets that are available in Banxso are:

  1. Indices trading: Indices are traded in the same way as forex and stocks. But, they are a weighted average of a collection of assets and require a distanced view of the markets. They are mostly preferred by the long-term investors rather than the short-term investors.
  2. Forex trading: Forex or foreign exchange is a good entry point for beginners and Banxso helps you develop your skills to trade better. In the forex marketplace, you have a variety of trading options such as Call, Put, or Single payment option. With a low entry point, you can see a significant return on low investments. 
  3. Cryptocurrency trading: Virtual currencies, commonly called cryptocurrencies, are a  trending topic nowadays. With a diverse cryptocurrency portfolio, traders have the opportunity to earn much. 
  4. Stocks trading: Shares trading may be considered the future of the trading world. The shares price has been increasing and decreasing continuously presenting potential traders with huge opportunities. 
  5. Commodities: Different types of trade Commodities are available to clients to choose from according to their trading styles and preferences. The options are precious metals commodities, energy commodities, and soft commodities. 

Banxso Education 

Many online platforms are stepping forward to allot a separate section on education on their websites. One of the financial services that Banxso provides is high-quality education to its clients hosted by their trading experts. It has developed a rich arsenal of educational resources like webinars, trading ideas, personal coaching, and online courses. There is numerous educational content on its official website and a few among them are:

  1. Forex
  2. Stocks
  3. Cryptocurrencies
  4. Currencies
  5. Indices
  6. MetaTrader 5
  7. Stocks 

It is convenient as you can listen to the posted material at any time during the membership period. The personal coaches answer queries about trading and offer practical tips on how to make a profit. By analyzing your trades and process, the coach discusses your reasoning for making particular decisions that make you lose your money. 

Customer support 

It offers round-the-clock customer care service and you can reach them via telephone calls. You can talk to their customer support team directly through their live chat function option. It is available 24 hours for 5 days a week.


So, whether you are a beginner or seasoned trading professional dealing with the online portal, give Banxso a try to experience a unique trading experience. A customer-centric approach and anonymous transactions are the two special benefits that traders have. The cutting-edge technology enables Banxso traders to seize the opportunity on forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, and much more. 


What are the stages of the verification process during my withdrawal process?

Your verification process for withdrawal starts with Proof of ID, which includes a passport or any other government-issued, followed by Proof of Residence. The next one is the Complete Assessment of Appropriateness to make sure that all your answers are up to date. Finally, you should verify our payment method. 

Is Banxso authorized and regulated by any regulatory bodies?

Yes, Banxso is authorized and regulated by CySEC and FSCA. Check whether their provisions of services are available and accepted in your area of location. 

What are the assets that I could trade using Banxso online platform?

Banxso offers a variety of tradable assets such as forex trading, cryptocurrencies, commodities, CFDs, stocks, and indices on its online portals. You can choose according to your interest and trade easily. 

Will there be any maximum withdrawal amount?

The withdrawal amount depends on the available amount in our account at the time of withdrawal. Currently invested open trade amounts will not be taken into consideration. 

How can I deposit my amount into my Banxso account?

You can deposit your money through a bank account or through other means linked to the bank account such as a credit card registered in the name of the particular customer.

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