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Banxso: Limit Your Risks By Portfolio Diversification

Current Market Scenario

The shockwaves from the war in Ukraine have tested the resilience of the global financial markets. Hot on the heels of Covid-19, the markets have taken a hit. The global financial conditions have notably tightened, and downside risks have heightened due to the current economic outlook. The effect is pronounced in Eastern Europe and countries with close ties to Russia due to all the global financial sanctions imposed upon them due to the war in Ukraine. 

There has been a sharp decline in asset values due to the intensification of war and the escalating sanctions being imposed. Pre-existing inflation pressure and a sharp rise in commodity prices are testing the resilience of central banks worldwide during the post-pandemic recovery. There have been increased counterparty risks, poor funding strains and market liquidity, and accelerating cryptoization in emerging markets as well. A higher risk of capital outflows has also been noted. Crypto asset trading volumes have spiked when put against emerging market currencies due to the sanctions imposed upon Russia.

Where to Invest?

  • One sector that has remained resilient during the pandemic is the real estate sector, and it has remained stable due to the low-interest rates. This sector is witnessing a healthy increase in demand, and the market’s future, at least till the end of the year, looks very bright.
  • Metals are also a good platform to invest in as the ongoing war has skyrocketed prices of metals worldwide. Prices of Aluminium rose to an all-time high, and Nickel is also following in the footsteps of aluminium, reaching decadal highs. Gold prices have soared to a 13 month high and are expected to rise. Since Russia is a powerhouse for such commodities, disruptions on the supply side will make prices soar even further.
  • Utilities is another sector which has witnessed a steady rise over the past few months. 
  • Exchange services and fintech companies are considered to be good platforms to invest in due to the limited regulations they have upon them.

Why Choose Banxso?

Banxso is a fast and commission-free investment platform to help you diversify your investment portfolio to enable the user to minimize risks and maximize profits. Banxso is committed to transparency, and the deposits are kept in segregated accounts to maximise safety. The forex option trading platform provides an array of trading and investment options like Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Forex and indices so that you can manage all your investments in a single platform. Being under a wide regulatory umbrella, Banxso works under various jurisdictions and global regulations and guidelines to safeguard the best interests of its clients. 

Banxso provides their clients with a personal trading analyst to provide the best possible experience to them, clients, to help them understand the markets better. Banxso provides the clients with the latest financial market updates to keep them up-to-date with the latest global market developments. The provision of real-time technical analysis and the use of AI-based proprietary algorithms helps the client get leaps ahead of the competition. 

Banxso also provides the clients with the inside track of their experience with the markets, and their strategies are tailor-made to manage risks, money and portfolios better. Their customer support is available 24 hours for, five days a week and provides live chat options, trading tools and an in-depth knowledge center to keep the client in tune with the latest trading and investing developments.

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